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Infusion and Dialysis Solutions
If speed is required to deliver fluids and medication throughout a patient‘s body, infusion solutions composed from mineral salts (as Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium Chloride) and glucose, which are administered intravenously.


An increasing number of people suffer from renal failure of their kidney. They require dialysis treatment to remove waste products. Thanks to a semi-permeable membrane (specially produced filters or peritonea) the waste products transfer from the blood to the dialysis solution (made from Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate and Glucose), which is flowing in the opposite direction to the blood flow.
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Pharmaceuticals, Veterinarian
Preparations, Nutraceuticals
Liquid and solid drugs along with nutritional supplements are used every day in human and veterinarian applications.


Mineral salts in such products aid to positively influence the biochemical process in the organism.
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Bottled Mineralised Water
To separate pure water from sea and/or contaminated waters, bottling companies use reverse osmosis for purification. Mineral salts are introduced into the deionized water to provide functionality such as taste profile as well as health and wellness benefits.


As the existence of bromates in bottled water is under the control of mineral salts such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium Chloride, Sodium and Potassium Bicarbonate and Magnesium Sulphate) with a low bromide content needed to be used.
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For product preservation, Sodium Acetate is commonly added to seasoning. Sodium Di-Acetate is used in salt and vinegar flavoured potato crisps.


To reduce the Sodium content in spice blends, some Sodium Chloride is often replaced by Potassium Chloride.
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Infant Formulas
Besides breast milk, infant formula is the only other milk product nutritionally acceptable for infants under the age of one year.


The most commonly used infant formulas contain purified cow's milk whey and casein as a protein source, a blend of vegetable oils as a fat source, lactose as a carbohydrate source, vitamins and mineral salts.
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Drugs produced by living cells and utilized to treat disease or provide immunity have become increasingly popular due their greater effect than that provided by classic synthetic drugs.


During the production process of cultivating, purifying and concentrating the cells to produce a target biological molecule, mineral salts such as Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Ammonium Sulphate, Sodium Carbonate and several others are used (during the Upstream process).
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Mold contamination is a serious problem amongst bakers and as such they use Calcium Propionate in bakery products as a mold inhibitor.


To reduce the Sodium content in bakery products, some Sodium Chloride is often replaced by Potassium Chloride.
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To control the fermentation process, zinc salts (predominantly Zinc Sulphate) are used as zinc ions support the growth of the yeast and protein synthesis.


To decrease pH and to modify the hardness of ales, calcium salts (predominantly Calcium Chloride and Calcium Sulphate) are often needed to produce beer.
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