Our industry is constantly, quite rightly, under the spotlight with regards to the impact the production of our products has on the environment. We know that our legitimate competitors, suppliers and end users do their upmost to operate well within the strict boundaries set by our regulators and achieve this by their commitment to the preserving the world we live in.
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What makes Macco Organiques s.r.o. unique is that our production plant is situated in the town of Bruntal in the foothills of the Jeseniky Mountains, an area protected by Law due to it’s outstanding natural beauty and environmental importance.

We take great care to prevent any possible negative impact on our surroundings and this is reflected in our products. Environmental issues are not only our “concern”, they are “part of our very existence”.

Standards: GMP ICH Q7A and FSSC 22000

Certifications and registrations: GMP ICH Q7A, FSSC 22000, CoS, DMF, Halal, Kosher

To attain our high quality levels and maintain the trust given to us by our customers, suppliers and regulators, we have our own on-site laboratories including research and development facilities to test and constantly improve all aspects of our production.